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Grass Fed and Finished Lamb

Lamb bundles and individual cuts, no antibiotics or added hormones.

Lamb Loin Chops, 1" Thick

These luscious chops will melt in your mouth and are the equivalent of a beef t-bone steak. They are cut 1"...

Lamb Rib Chops, 1" Thick

These tender chops are cut from the "rack" and are equally as tender as the loin chops.

Ground Lamb

Lean Ground Lamb is flavorful option for an array of dishes at home. From Mediterranean-style burgers to...

Lamb Stew - Boneless

A delicious tender slow cooker meat.

Lamb Stew Meat - Bone in

These are perfect for in any soup or stew. Our lamb is lean and tasty.

Lamb Shanks

A specialty for guests! These meaty shanks are bursting with flavor. Seared then slow cooked for maximum...

Bone In, Leg of Lamb

The traditional cut. Bone In Leg of Lamb is best for roasting. The bone will decrease your cooking time. 100 %...

Garlic & Parsley Lamb Sausage Links

Flavorful thin long breakfast link sausages for a quick cook.

Chorizo Lamb Sausage Links

Add some spice to your breakfast with these thin long tasty breakfast sausages.

Large Greek Lamb Sausage

Moist and delicious hearty lamb sausage with mild greek spices.

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